Goodbye to The Walking Dead (comic)

I started reading The Walking Dead comic with issue 4 or 5.  The folks at Westfields Comics in Madison, WI knew I liked horror comics, and recommended TWD to me.  Many years later I’ve stopped reading TWD; my last issue is #136.  Why?

In a way, my reason is the same that caused my husband to quit after issue #100; the death of Glenn, killed by the Governor-wannabe Negan and his stupid barbed wire baseball bat.  Seeing the only character left in TWD who had any moral compass left was hard enough.  Having that death come at the hands of a potty-mouth imitation of the best TWD antagonist was worse.

But then to keep reading in the hope that things would somehow improve from that was the worst.  The Walking Dead television series manages to both follow the general course of the comic while adding and expanding the world it’s characters inhabit.  But TWD comic, for me, has not done that.  It slogs along, now without any kind of character like Glenn or Hershel.  At least one character to serve as a contrast to the comic book version of Rick.

Economics brought me to this decisions also.  If I’m not caring what happens in TWD anymore, there are plenty of great comics out there.  I’d rather stay in my budget reading titles like Ghosted, Criminal Macabre and Creepy.  The Walking Dead television series has become a much more satisfying way to experience the ZA than the source material.

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