Well, I got to see One Hour of Dracula Unbound today….

I love our local Value Cinema. Even though it’s for sale, I have a lot of fond memories of some great, good and sometimes outright terrible movies I’ve seen for $2.00. Today I was going to see Dracula Unbound It was that or Ouija, since Annabelle didn’t start until 4-ish and I didn’t want to fork over another buck.
But JUST AFTER Luke Evans makes a really bad decision regarding his future and decimates the Turkish Army by himself, the movie literally wobbled, split into three images and died. I guess that things don’t end well for Dracula, Mrs. Dracula, Dracula Jr. or Transylvania as a whole, but it would’ve been nice to actually see it.
Why? Because as formulaic horror spectacles go, Dracula Unbound wasn’t terrible. Despite seriously shoehorning a heroic character into a scumbag historical personage, Dracula Unbound had a couple things that made me want to see the preordained ending.
– The costumes and scenery were suitably over-the-top, as was the pseudo-Shakespeare dialog
– Was that Charles Dance as Decrepit Vampire in Cave?
– The scene with Decrepit Vampire in a Cave showed just how terrible eternal un-life as a vampire would be. The idea of choosing to become one should be a horrific choice, not a passport to the Enternal Jet Set existence of Twilight’s SparklePires.

Sigh. Now I’ll get the BR just to see the darned ending!

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