Catherine Valmont and “Jesus Christ, Crucified”

Hazel Motes … to know him is to … um, never forget him, that’s for sure!

Grindhouse Theology

[This originated as a set of illustrations for a sermon I wrote, repurposed for a blog post since I was incredibly sick the last two weeks.]

One of my favorite movies is a French zombie film from the 1980s called Living Dead Girl. It’s about a young woman named Catherine Valmont who is accidentally brought back to life when a barrel of toxic waste is spilled on her grave. But she does not come back the same as she used to be.

When she was alive, she was well-loved. The whole French countryside was better for her presence there. This is not the woman who comes back from the grave. She comes back as a zombie, for lack of a better word, and we all know what zombies do.

What makes matters worse, though, is that she doesn’t lose her personality. She’s not mindless, like the ones…

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