Via The Geekly Blog-A Guide to the Separate Timelines of ‘Halloween’

Written by J.T. Johnson For any newcomers that might be checking out the “Halloween” series for the first time this year, you might get a little confused once you get into the sequels. Unlike other horror series, the Halloween films have gone through multiple “timelines” where certain films ignore previous films or they outright remake […]

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Via Trash Film Guru-2018 Halloween Double Feature : “The Blackwell Ghost”

In another lifetime — okay, in this lifetime, and right up through last year, at that — I positively drowned myself, and readers of this humble site, in horror film reviews during the month of October. That was before a little thing called Four Color Apocalypse took off like a shot and started greedily consuming every spare […]

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Via We Minored in Film-31 Days of Halloween: The Ring

This October, we’re challenging ourselves to watch at least one horror movie a day. I know I should be covering Ringu, the original Japanese film that spawned this remake, based on a novel by Koji Suzuki. However, I saw The Ring first, which means the film’s gut-punch of a twist ending was spoiled by its […]

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Via Horror Writers Association Blog-Horror and Halloween in Singapore by Christina Sng

When you grow up in a haunted house, you expect to see something supernatural at some point, especially when an aunt claims to have heard chains dragging along the hallway and another family member allegedly saw ghosts. But my skepticism grew up with me when I saw nothing. Not even a moving shadow. It was terribly…

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Via Horror Freak News BREAKING: Audiences Test-Screened Blumhouse’s “Halloween” Last Night!

Sources are claiming (under condition of anonymity) that Blumhouse’s Halloween was test-screened for Audiences last night under the title Halloween: H40. Considering the film only wrapped principal photography 5 weeks ago, it’s possible the film and the title might be fine-tuned before it hits US Theaters on October 19th. The H40 is obviously a reference…

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